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Call Processing Automation.
Easy to use. AI-powered.
Smartcalls is a visual call builder that allows marketers, sales associates, and other non-technical personnel to build a scalable IVR system and outbound calling campaigns that reduce operation costs and increase customer satisfaction.
Smartcalls Overview
Smartcalls - Visual builder for call automation
Every Call is an Opportunity
Up to 50% increase in conversions
We'll call each person at a convenient time. We'll call until we get a result. Just download the numbers and write the text.
1,000,000+ notifications per day
We use tens or hundreds of phone lines at the same time. And translate the customer responses to the text.
30%+ cost efficient than a human
No breaks, no weekends. Strictly according to the script. Avoids voicemail (unique Voicemail Detector with 98% accuracy).
100% processing
of leads
Intelligent management of calls. Integration with CRM and lead forms are provided after instant contact with the client.
Cost-effective call processing.
Sales calls that matter.
Surveys and improved self-service.
Easy to use. Zero coding.
Easy-to-Use. Zero Coding.
Visual builder
Convenient graphics builder that does not require programming skills. Each block replaces a piece of software code. Create scripts in minutes!

First scenario and consultation for free
We will help you with launching your first campaign, configuration and onboarding. The scope of services depends on the subscription plan.

Guidelines, best practices, and support
Quick access to guidelines, FAQs, and our blog will help you to launch your first campaign in minutes. Didn't find an answer to your question? Our support team responds promptly.
Artificial Intelligence
Speech synthesis powered by Google WaveNet
Organize blocks in the builder, fill it with the text and the system will sound it with a male or female voice. Use the premium voice from Google WaveNet for natural-sounding speech. Supports 15 languages.

Speech recognition
The neural network converts the client's phrase into text and records it. Use voice recognition to let the client manage the interactive menu (IVR), take voice notes and leave feedback.

Voice mail detector
We determine the voice mail of the subscriber with 98% accuracy.
Ready-to-Use Call Processing Templates
Outbound: Offer Discounts
Notify your potential and loyal customers about current offers.

Outbound: Quality Control
Use templates to evaluate NPS (Net Promoters Score) and CSI (Customers Satisfaction Index) indices

Outbound: Notification
Manage automatic notifications such as delivery confirmation, appointments, service requests, and much more

Inbound: Three templates
Forward to the operator, voice notification, obtain information about the company with forwarding
Reports and Integrations
Transparency and detailed statistics
Smartcalls details every transaction on your account. Analyze calls to improve the scenario and improve conversion.

Email, SMS, etc

Set up automatic email and SMS messaging before or after a call, via integration with popular services.

CRM, HRMS, etc

Use advanced API to integrate with your database, set up trigger-calls based on actions in CRM, HRMS (recruitment), and record results of calls to your system.
Cost-effective call processing.
Sales calls that matter.
Surveys and improved self-service.
Easy to use. Zero coding.
Campaign Wizard. Easy to Start.
Smart step-by-step campaign wizard will help you
set something up in minutes.
Configure campaign preferences
Choose a template or create your own.
Upload and match contact list
Start calling campaign or IVR
Together We'll Launch Faster. Trust Us.
Our consultant will explain capabilities of Smartcalls
per your business objectives.
Smartcalls overview
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